Key facts & figures

Belgium is one of the major worldwide actors for the production of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medical equipment:

Major producer of radioisotopes

  •     Second supplier of 99Mo worldwide.
  •     BR2 reactor of SCK•CEN is one of the 5 most powerful reactors in the world.
  •     IRE is one of the 5 centres in the world able to process 99Mo.

High density of nuclear medical equipment

  •     IBA is a global leader in proton therapy and dosimetry
  •     20 PET cameras: ratio 1.8 PET camera per million inhabitants
  •     7 cyclotrons (mainly for the production of FDG)

High density of nuclear physicists and nuclear physicians

  •     8 different training centres (for technicians, radiologists and nuclear physicians).
  •     +/- 300 nuclear physicians: 27 per million inhabitants.

Jobs and major investments in the field

  •     2,600 direct jobs and 2,100 indirect jobs.
  •     International MYRRHA project: 960M€ over 12 years.