Location & Logistics in Belgium

Belgium, a country at the very heart of Europe

Belgium, a country at the very heart of EuropeLocation and Logistics are key factors for the success in the field of radiation applications in Healthcare. Belgium, ideally located between Northern and Southern Europe is neighbour to France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Its small size – around 30,000 km² – allows for rapid internal communication thanks to its efficient motorway system. The 5 airports (including the Brussels international airport) put the region less than two hours from most European destinations, most of which are generally accessible via low-fare flights. The high-speed train lines spanning the country with 3,000 km of electrified tracks also places its major cities (Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Liège and Namur) within a 2-hour proximity to Paris, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Belgium's connections