Companies with related activities

Other activities are being developed in Belgium with the support of expertise related to specialized transport of radioactive substances (e.g. ISI, SDV, Transrad), waste management (e.g. Ondraf), as well as dedicated software development (e.g. Intuitim, OSIMIS and Telemis), X-ray expertise (MEDEX Loncin, Canberra), expertise in integration of complex industrial processes and machinery in buildings (AgWa Technics), dosimetry (DoseVue), and specialized consultants (CEDRIMEDraysintell). These structures and companies play the important role of linking larger companies to one another. The smaller, but nevertheless very helpful stakeholders also play an important role in the overall value chain by interconnecting with the non-nuclear industry, mainly pharmaceutical companies and hospitals and also with authorities such as healthcare, transport and customs at the national and international levels.

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