In Belgium the actors do have a very high technical expertise in the field of nuclear physics and nuclear medicine. This expertise covers the different aspects of developing and building tools for the use of radioactivity in healthcare. SCK•CEN has been building reactors and developing its applications since 1954, and is a major producer of 99Mo. The processing of bulk radionuclides and the manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals is part of the expertise of IRE & IRE-ELit, with major productions of 131I & 99Mo used around the world. IRE-ELiT is the spin-out of IRE dedicated to the production of radiopharmaceuticals. For IBA, building cyclotrons and providing turnkey solutions for radiopharmaceutical manufacturing centres, including cyclotrons and pharmaceutical grade nuclear medicine product preparation, has been their leading expertise for more than 25 years. This company also provides fully equipped proton therapy and manufacturing centres.

The major universities and university hospitals have initiated and developed new concepts that have led to successful industrialization. The small and mid-size companies in this field provide solutions for radiochemical synthesis (e.g. Trasis) and implementation (e.g. ORA). All of the equipment is of course developed, built, sold and installed under the full respect of pharmaceutical and nuclear safety regulations. Elysia is a provider of LIMS, chromatography and quality control systems to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and nuclear/PET industries. ANMI is is a precursor supplier for radiometal labeled radiopharmaceuticals. Finally, CYRPA develops non-invasive lasers used for patient-positioning in radiotherapy, and MOLECUBES preclinical imaging systems.

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