Training Centres

The expertise available in companies and research or clinical centres is shared through different academic and industrial training programs. The universities throughout the country (UCLULB, ULg, VUB, ISIB, etc.) offer standard educational programs that can last from a few days to several years, and provide certificates up to high-level university grades in nuclear physics and medicine. These universities have strong links with university hospitals and radiopharmacies providing the perfect working environment to learn. Besides, most of the academic research centres have open positions for doctoral education and post-doctoral research programs. Industries are more oriented towards very specific technical programs related to their equipment and can provide on-site training (IBA Academy). Several other entities are providing training programs covering other aspects of radioactivity in healthcare such as basic notions of GMP, nuclear safety, clinical trials, transport regulation and software usage learning… (SCK•CEN ACADEMY, EORTC). All of these training programs are oriented to different target groups, allowing the ability to cover the entire value chain present in Belgium.

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