Severe’ Shortages of Key Medical Isotopes Possible, National Academies Report Warns

A congressionally mandated report released yesterday by the National Academies warns that severe shortages of molybdenum-99 and its radioactive decay product technetium-99m, an isotope used in medical imaging procedures, are possible after a key Canadian supplier ceases production in October 2016.

In a report released yesterday, a study committee convened by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine warns that there is a greater than 50 percent chance that severe shortages of the medical isotopes molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) and technetium-99m (Tc-99m) will occur after a Canadian reactor halts routine production of Mo-99 this October.

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Belgium and at IAEA General Conference in Vienna !

Each year in September, the IAEA organises its General Conference at the Vienna International Centre. This year, the 60th GC will be held from September 26 – 30. On that occasion, delegates, including Heads of State, ministers and experts of all 168 IAEA member states are present at the Agency’s headquarters.

Belgium will be part of this important event with

(1) the scientific forum on « Nuclear Technology for the Sustainable Development Goals ». Complete program here

(2) the exhibition and the Belgian booth with Belgian actors. Focus for 2016: expertise and experience in education and training as those two fields are of uttermost importance for the development of healthcare applications of radiation. To see the complete list of training organizations, click here

Both activities are excellent opportunities to meet high-level experts and create scientific or commercial contacts worldwide. For the third time in a row, is invited by to actively participate in both activities. FYI, a short report on our 2015 participation can be found on our website: .

Join the symposium organized by AIPES and the European Parliament on cancer patient management !

An estimated 3.5 million new cancer cases are diagnosed in Europe each year, with associated costs of €100 billion. Thanks to nuclear medicine, we are better placed than ever to treat the killer disease. “Saving Costs in Cancer Patient Management Through Nuclear Medicine” is organised by the Association of Imaging Producers and Equipment Suppliers (AIPES) and the European Parliament on Wednesday 28 September 2016.
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MEDraysintell releases its new and unique report “Cyclotrons used in Nuclear Medicine, World Market Report & Directory, Edition 2015” that describes more than 1,200 medical cyclotrons worldwide.
This first edition of the Cyclotrons Report and Directory is the result of a comprehensive collection of data over the past year that allowed MEDraysintell to identify as many as 1,218 cyclotrons dedicated to the production of medical radionuclides installed worldwide, in addition to 60 cyclotrons which are known to having been decommissioned. Read more in the press release