Expertise & Services is the unique contact point in Belgium for all companies, R&D centres and academics who are looking  for:

  • Education and training: From specific technical programs covering the entire value chain (GMP concepts, nuclear safety, clinical trials, transport, regulatory, etc.) to standard educational programs with high-level university grades (masters or PhDs) within the perfect working environment to learn.

  • Research & Development activities: Conduct of many R&D programs within the main universities in Belgium, from basic research to (pre)clinical trials, in coordination with private and public R&D centres, hospitals and other fully equipped platforms.

  • Development and production of radionuclides: Long history in the production of different radionuclides used worldwide, but also R&D activities related to radiation protection, radioactive waste handling, development of new radionuclides, etc.

  • Development and manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals: Expertise for the processing of bulk radionuclides and the manufacturing of radiopharmaceutical products with the development of generators, radioprotected injection solutions, development of turnkey solutions for radiopharmaceuticals manufacturing centres.

  • Expertise in preclinical and clinical trials: Conduct of many preclinical and clinical trials up to phase III trials in various Belgian clinical centres or hospitals, with the help of R&D centres and European associations.

  • Proton therapy solutions: Long history and expertise in cyclotron manufacturing, complete building solutions for the development of a proton therapy centres, etc.

  • Imaging: R&D activities but also services developed to conduct multimodal preclinical and clinical research, from molecule to human.

  • Related services: Many companies with the expertise to complete the whole value chain by developing software solutions, activities related to specialized transport, nuclear safety, packaging, waste management, regulatory framework, etc.