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Rad4Med.bein a nutshell

As a non-profit network, promotes medical applications of nuclear science and technology by creating awareness about the use of radioactivity and nuclear radiation in healthcare and by improving their visibility. This provides interested parties a network of competences available in Belgium and, when requested, helps them to find the correct sources of information or partners.

To achieve its aim, SCK CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, BioWin, the Health cluster of Wallonia, IRE, the Institute for Radioelements, and IBA, Ion Beam Applications, have created

Today, the network consists of some 80 members: companies, hospitals and clinical departments, research and education centres, associations… is supported by SCK CEN, IRE, IBA and the Belgian Federal Government. presented the Belgian assets and know-how in the field during Royal State Visits, Belgian Princely Economic Missions and at congresses & symposia world-wide. provided as such support to the Government, the International Atomic Energy Agency and other national or international counterparts.

About Us

BELGIUM, an integrated value chain for radiation applications in healthcare

Belgium is one of the major worldwide actors for the production of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medical equipment.

Major supply chain for radioisotopes

  • BR2 has the largest irradiation capacity for Mo-99/Tc-99m production worldwide and is the second Mo-99 producer on yearly basis.
  • BR2 reactor of SCK-CEN is one of the 2 most flexible and powerful research reactors in the world, able to satisfy 100% of the worldwide demand when required.
  • IRE is one of the 2 major processing facilities in the world for Mo-99 separation and purification.
  • Yearly 35.000 transports of radionuclides for medical applications

High density of nuclear medical imaging equipment


PET/CT cameras

(N)MRI cameras


High density nuclear specialists

nuclear medicine specialists

direct or indirect jobs

Belgian expertise

A very high technical expertise in the field of nuclear physics and nuclear medicine

This expertise covers the different aspects of developing and building tools for the use of radioactivity in healthcare. SCK CEN has been building reactors and developing its applications since 1954, and is a major producer of Mo-99. The processing of bulk radionuclides and the manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals is part of the expertise of IRE and IRE-ELit, with major productions of I-131 & Mo-99 used around the world. IRE-ELiT is the spin-out of IRE dedicated to the production of radiopharmaceuticals. For IBA, building cyclotrons and providing turnkey solutions for radiopharmaceutical manufacturing centres, including cyclotrons and pharmaceutical grade nuclear medicine product preparation, has been their leading expertise for more than 25 years. This company also provides fully equipped proton therapy and manufacturing centres.


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Latest news

Mar 8, 2023

Rad4Med at the Nuclear Careers Day 2023

Rad4Med was present at the Nuclear Careers Day 2023, which was organised at the Royal Academy for Science and the Arts of Belgium by the SCK CEN Academy with support of the ENEN2plus project! About 60 students and youngprofessionals attended an inspiring morning...