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European Nuclear Medicine Guide

The European Nuclear Medicine Guide is a joint project by the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) and the Nuclear Medicine Section of UEMS and European Board of Nuclear Medicine (UEMS/EBNM).

Its aim is to provide a comprehensive, yet concise, overview and description of the nuclear medicine related basic science and technical procedures including in vivo imaging with radiopharmaceuticals, hybrid/multimodality imaging, radionuclide-guided surgery, dosimetry, radionuclide therapy, techniques related to nuclear physics in medicine, as well as the medical applications of radiobiology and radiation protection.

The Training Requirements for the Specialty of Nuclear Medicine, defined by the UEMS Section and European Board of Nuclear Medicine and fully endorsed by the UEMS, have been used as backbone for the content of this nuclear medicine guide.
Nuclear Medicine Physics – IAEA
This IAEA publication provides the basis for the education of medical physicists initiating their university studies in the field of nuclear medicine. The handbook includes 20 chapters and covers topics relevant to nuclear medicine physics, including basic physics for nuclear medicine, radionuclide production, imaging and non-imaging detectors, quantitative nuclear medicine, internal dosimetry in clinical practice and radionuclide therapy. It provides, in the form of a syllabus, a comprehensive overview of the basic medical physics knowledge required for the practice of medical physics in modern nuclear medicine.
Nuclear Medicine Resources Manual 2020 Edition – IAEA
Medical imaging is crucial in a variety of medical settings and at all levels of health care. In public health and preventive medicine as well as in both curative and palliative care, effective decisions depend on correct diagnoses. This edition addresses the most current needs and offers guidance on clinical practice, radiation safety and patient protection, human resource development and training required for the overall practice of nuclear medicine.