An integrated supply and value chain in Belgium

International organisations such as the IAEA, research institutes, pharmaceutical industries as well as investors from different countries are increasingly interested in medical applications of nuclear science and technology. The Belgian experts in the field are joining their expertise to propose the products, equipment, logistics, training, know-how and services the country can offer.

A wide spectrum of radionuclides

Number one inmanufacturing cyclotrons and proton therapy

Our research reactor and cyclotrons produce, at large scale and under GMP conditions, a wide spectrum of radionuclides and will produce many new ones in the future. Full turnkey systems for the manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals (PET, SPECT and theranostic applications) are present in the country.

Belgium not only hosts the number one company worldwide with respect to the development and the manufacturing of cyclotrons, but in proton therapy as well. These activities are obviously also performed under GMP conditions and are fully in line with ALARP regulations.

In its different renowned universities and associated healthcare centres, Belgium provides the full spectra of services in diagnostics, therapeutics and imaging, including (pre)clinical research activities as well as all the associated expertise in medical physics and nuclear chemistry.

Complementary services linking all these partners should not be forgotten. With their expertise linked to transport, nuclear safety, waste management or engineering, they complete the value chain.

Thanks to their training centres and their study programs, Belgian industries and universities provide a full range of education and training at every stage, creating an integrated value chain of utmost interest for any partner looking for a global approach.

The fully integrated value chain is represented and solutions for almost all requests concerning the use of radioactivity in healthcare can be addressed and answered in Belgium: the network has been created to gather this knowledge, expertise, and the stakeholders involved in the field.