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Dedicated hard -and software

Belgian universities, hospitals, research institutes and companies have a long tradition in medical imaging, image processing and/or image management.

From the early seventies on, state of the art nuclear medicine departments in university hospitals in Belgium acquired computers for image acquisition, thereby opening the research fields of digital image processing, including tomographic reconstructions, and image management, including communication between departments or hospitals, “PACS”.

A major factor which allowed the nuclear medicine expertise to be build up was not only the production of reactor based radioisotopes at the SCK CEN BR2 reactor, the isotope separation and purification installations at IRE or the creation of IBA, but also the very high density of specific nuclear medical imaging equipment and specialised infrastructure in radiochemistry and radiopharmacy departments, complying with GMP standards.

As it is the case for the Belgian expertise in radiochemistry and related fields, most of the cited companies started as spin-offs of Belgian universities and inherited their academic creativity and flexibility.