Radiation applications in healthcare: Some fact and figures…

Belgium is one of the major worldwide actors producing radioisotopes, radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medical equipment.

BELGIUM, an integrated value chain for radiation applications in healthcare

Major supply chain for radioisotopes

  • The BR2 has the largest irradiation capacity for Mo-99/Tc-99m production worldwide and is the second Mo-99 producer on yearly basis.
  • The BR2 reactor of SCK-CEN is one of the 2 most flexible and powerful research reactors in the world, able to satisfy 100% of the worldwide demand when required.
  • IRE is one of the 2 major processing facilities in the world for Mo-99 separation and purification.
  • Yearly, Belgium coordinates 35.000 transports of radionuclides for medical applications

High density of nuclear medical imaging equipment


PET/CT cameras

(N)MRI cameras


High density nuclear specialists

nuclear medicine specialists

direct or indirect jobs