Key figures

The Orthanc project started in 2012 at the initiative of the University Hospital of Liège.

Department of Medical Physics,
University Hospital of Liège


Orthanc is an ecosystem for medical imaging that is released as free and open-source software.

Activities and description

The first goal of the Orthanc project is to provide a simple, open, yet powerful standalone DICOM server (ancillary PACS). It is primarily designed to improve the DICOM workflow in hospitals in full interoperability with their main PACS, and to support industrial and clinical research about the automated analysis of medical images. The Orthanc server can also act as a gateway to cloud environments.

The second goal of the Orthanc project is to design new open technologies for the visualization of complex medical images, as well as for modern artificial intelligence algorithms in the field of life sciences. The Orthanc project notably designs software libraries to display radiotherapy and nuclear medicine images.

Overall, Orthanc promotes interoperability in medical imaging, and more generally free and open-source software in healthcare.  The project benefits from a vibrant, worldwide community of users, who come from the clinical, scientific and industrial environments.

Targeted market

PACS administrators, researchers, software developers, medical physicists.

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations