Key figures

• 5 Health physicist
• More than 120 y experience
• More than 350 collaborating entities from 10 countries
• Dismantling of 3 cyclotrons
• Studies for 3 production centres

Pascal Froment

Rue des Verts Pacages, 14
1457 Tourinnes-saint-Lambert
32 10 81 21 83

Be.Sure is a certified radiation protection organisation active on Belgian territory and abroad with the mission of ensuring the radiation protection of workers, the public and the environment.

Activities and description

The furnished services are: education, study of new installations, follow-up of the installation, control on site, help to workers, RPO and responsible, waste characterisation, decommissioning of installations.

Application fields

All companies, hospitals, transport companies, research centres, radiologists, veterinarians, dentists, … with sources of ionising radiations (particle accelerator, X-ray, radioactive source).

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations

Collaboration with all actors in Belgium to propose the best service.