Key figures

Bel V staff consists of about 85 members, among which 70 civil engineers and scientists who mostly have a background in nuclear engineering and radiation protection.

Rue Walcourt 148
1070 Brussels

Contact person: Stéphane Palmaerts,
+32 2 528 02 11
BelV, subsidiary to the FANC (Federal Agency for Nuclear Control), is in charge of the regulatory controls and safety assessments in the main nuclear installations in Belgium.

Activities and description

Before 2008, AVN, which then became Bel V, was in charge of the nuclear and radiation protection regulatory control since 1965.

Its mission is to contribute to the safety of the population and of the environment.

Most of Bel V’s staff has been educated in nuclear safety and radiation protection and moreover continuous training in radiation protection is mandatory for recognized experts.

The main tasks of Bel V are essentially to perform safety assessments, inspect nuclear and radiological facilities, and contribute to emergency plans.

Bel V’s regulatory activities include the supervision of the Belgian nuclear installations: seven nuclear power reactors, three nuclear research reactors, one radio-isotopes production facility, one waste management facility, several cyclotrons, decommissioning of several nuclear installations… Since 2018, Bel V has intensified its non-regulatory activities abroad, mainly to support safety authorities and TSOs (Technical Safety Organisations).

Application fields

Nuclear safety, radiation protection and emergency planning and response.

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations

Bel V is the subsidiary of the Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control since 2008.

Bel V participates in support projects for foreign authorities (ANVS (NL), DSA (NW), ONR (UK), ASN (FR), …) and TSOs.