CHU Liège

Key figures

11 FTE nuclear medicine physicians
2 FTE physicists
2 PET/CT scanners, 9 gamma-cameras
~20 people in radiotherapy

Pr Roland Hustinx – Service de Médecine nucléaire – Département de Physique médicale – CHU de Liège
Sart Tilman B35
4000 Liège
+32 43 66 71 99

Philippe A. COUCKE
Service de Radiothérapie
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège
Domaine Universitaire du Sart Tilman B35
4000 Liège
Phone: +32 43 66 79 49
+32 43 66 71 99
CHU Liège

The Division of Nuclear Medicine within the university hospital of ULg is active in all fields of nuclear medicine, including SPECT/CT, PET/CT and therapeutics. It has been among the first hospitals to establish a clinical PET center, in 1996.
The radiotherapy departement of the Université de Liège (ULg) is related to the University Hospital (CHU) of the university, and the head of this department is also involved in the organization of a University Certificate of Radiation Oncology and Management Responsibilities organized by the Department of Radiotherapy of the University Hospital of Liege, University of Liege.

Research and clinical axes & activities

1. Optimization of radiotherapy by designing adapted immobilization devices (prone breast irradiation system)
2. Operational risk management in health care: development of models able to predict efficacy of safety barriers.
3. Radiobiology: impact of ionizing irradiation on metastatic and invasive capacity of human tumor models.
4. Stereotactic body radiation therapy with tracking methodology: use of CyberKnife for ablative treatment of lung cancer.

Application fields of the radiotherapy department
1. Radiotherapy
2. Radiobiology
3. Radiation Physics
4. Risk management

Nuclear medicine department:

  • Clinical applications of FDG PET/CT imaging in non oncological indications, through strong collaboartions with clinical departments, e.g. rheumatology, cardiovascular surgery, etc.
  • PET/CT-guided radiation therapy treatment planning (Big Bore PET/CT device fully equipped for treatment planning)
  • PET/CT imaging with alternative tracers

Application fields of the nuclear medicine department:
The division offers a wide range of therapeutic applications, with 4 shielded rooms for 131I and 131I-MIBG treatments.
Other treatments include radioimmunotherapy in lymphomas, metastatic bone pain palliation and selective intraarterial liver radiation therapy.

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations

Nuclear medicine:

  • European project on nanomedicine:
  • European project on aneurysmal disease:
  • Non invasive assessment of tumor angiogenesis with F-18-FPRGD2 (supported by the Federal Plan Cancer and the Fondation contre le cancer)


1. Sagitilt® prone breast immobilization device in collaboration with AERIANE (Gembloux) and ORFIT (Wijnegem/Antwerpen)
2. Near incidents reporting and in sillico modeling for safety barrier efficacy assessment (Labege)
3. Process management (HEC-Liège)