Key figures

Yvan De Mesmaeker
Secretary General
+32 475 41 34 00

Katrien Van Cauwenberghe
Office Manager
+32 478 99 27 21
+32 478 99 27 21

ECSA, the European Corporate Security Association, is the professional association of Managers in charge of Security, Resilience & Anticipation at public & private corporations and institutions, active in Europe.

Our Mission is to Inform, Educate and Connect the Security Communities.

Our Vision is to be the Trusted Catalyst in enhancing Security, Resilience & Anticipation.

Activities and description

We aspire to create a community of security professionals that promotes fellowship among its members and reflects the spirit of a team working towards common objectives. This Community Feeling and Team Spirit are the Core Values of ECSA.

The Association was established in 2005 as a non for-profit organization, after brainstorming with senior representatives from Eurojust, Europol and the Corporate Security communities.

ECSA is Brussels based, close to all major EU and International Institutions. ECSA has an extensive International Network of peer Associations, with whom it exchanges best practices, local situational awareness and a referral based trusted contact network.

The primary concern of both the Founding Members and the Members who have joined the Association over the past years is not the advantages they get in return for membership but how and what each can contribute as a team player towards achieving the common goals and objectives.

ECSA is most happy to welcome security professionals who have both the capacity and the motivation to contribute to achieving these common goals and objectives. They will experience a warm welcome, enjoy a team spirit and benefit from a long-lasting network of trusted contacts.

People whose primary objectives are personal advancement, commercial benefit or who have a very mercantile cost benefit approach towards membership of associations do not match the ECSA Spirit and should not seek ECSA Membership.

Application fields

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations