Key figures

Year of establishment: 1962
Number of employees: 165
Number of collaborating institutions: 300
Number of patient records: 180.000
Average number of scientific publications per year on cancer treatment: 100+

Avenue Mounier 83
1200 Brussels, Belgium

+32 27 74 16 11

The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) is a pioneer in promoting multi-disciplinary cancer clinical research and pan-European collaboration and links a network of more than 2.500 clinicians and scientists in more than 300 hospitals in over 30 countries. Founded in 1962, the EORTC encompasses all aspects of cancer clinical research, from translational research and new drug development to large phase III clinical trials and meta-analyses.

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The EORTC brings together European cancer clinical research experts from all disciplines to improve cancer care. EORTC Headquarters, a unique pan European clinical research infrastructure based in Brussels, Belgium, handles some 30 clinical trials permanently open to patient entry, over 50.000 patients who are in follow-up and a database of more than 180.000 patients. EORTC participates in the Global Clinical Trials RTQA Harmonisation group (www.RTQAHarmonisation.org).