Key figures

IRE ELiT was founded in 2010.

IRE ELiT turnover (2021): 16944 K€


Avenue de l’Espérance, 1

6220 Fleurus

+32 (0)71 82 95 56

IRE ELiT, IRE’s innovation subsidiary, was founded in 2010 to develop radiopharmaceuticals used for imaging and treatment of certain cancers and palliative care.

IRE-Elit produces Galli Ad and Galli Eo, the pharmaceutical grade Ge-68/Ga-68 generators.

Activities and description

In order to get closer to patients and strengthen its international role as a major player in the field of nuclear medicine, IRE – IRE ELiT has diversified its activities in the production of radiopharmaceutical products.

Their portfolio of customer-oriented solutions consists of radioisotopes as well as equipment dedicated to their preparation.


Targeted market

Nuclear medicine departments and research centres.

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations