Key figures

IRE was founded in 1971.
IRE ELiT was founded in 2010.

IRE turnover (2021): 77375 K€
IRE ELiT turnover (2021): 16944 K€
250+ employees

Avenue de l’Espérance, 1

6220 Fleurus

+32 (0)71 82 95 56

IRE or Institut National des Radioéléments is a public utility foundation, whose main activity is the production of radioisotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the field of nuclear medicine. IRE is the world leader in the production of Molybdenum-99. In addition to its production activities, the IRE contributes to the protection and monitoring of the environment through its services of measuring radioactivity in various samples, radiological characterisation of waste and contaminated elements and consultancy and technical assistance in the radiological and nuclear fields.

IRE ELiT, IRE’s innovation subsidiary, was founded in 2010 to develop radiopharmaceuticals used for imaging and treatment of certain cancers and palliative care.

Activities and description

Radiochemical products

As an internationally recognized producer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients used for diagnosis and therapy in nuclear medicine, we help to save millions of lives every year.

One of the most important radioisotopes produced on the IRE’s site is Molybdenum-99, the “parent” isotope of metastable Technetium-99. In combination with a specific molecule, this isotope can reach a target organ, which can then be visualized by a detection system enabling reliable diagnosis by specialized doctors.

IRE is also one of the world leaders in the production of iodine-131 (I-131), an irreplaceable product for some thyroid treatments, especially cancers and some hyperthyroidisms;

Radiopharmaceutical Products 

In order to get closer to patients and strengthen its international role as a major player in the field of nuclear medicine, IRE – IRE ELiT has diversified its activities in the production of radiopharmaceutical products.

Their portfolio of customer-oriented solutions consists of radioisotopes as well as equipment dedicated to their preparation.

Targeted market

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations

IRE innovates continuously for the development of cutting-edge technologies in the field of nuclear medicine thanks to unique partnerships with players with complementary expertise.

One of these is the “Cyclotron Project”. In 2020, IRE signed a contract with IBA for the construction of a cyclotron on its site in Fleurus. This equipment will allow IRE to produce Germanium-68 locally, a key raw material that will enable the institute to contribute even more to the fight against cancer.