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The Oncidium foundation
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Oncidium foundation

Oncidium Foundation: Pioneering a Future of Hope for Cancer Patients
Dedicated to advancing nuclear medicine therapies, the Oncidium foundation envisions a world where hope and access to leading-edge radioligand therapy are within reach for every individual affected by cancer. This nonprofit organization is committed to making these life-saving treatments accessible to people living with cancer, irrespective of financial means or geographic boundaries.
Boasting a global network of over 70 ambassadors, the foundation operates on three key pillars:
Access: Enhancing global access to radioligand therapies and financing treatment for needy cancer patients is a primary focus. The foundation has initiated the RLT-Connect Platform, an online doses-donation platform connecting healthcare practitioners and leading Medical Radioisotope Companies. This platform facilitates treatment doses for patients lacking access to these vital therapies, especially in low- and middle-income countries.
Education: With a dedication to addressing the gaps in awareness and education within the field, the Oncidium foundation offers an extensive range of educational materials tailored for patients, oncologists, and the nuclear medicine community.
Hope: Through pioneering research initiatives aimed at broadening access to cutting-edge therapies, the foundation serves as a driving force in the fight against cancer. It actively engages in groundbreaking research to expand accessibility to innovative treatments, fostering hope for those affected by this severe illness.

The Oncidium foundation serves as both a driving force in the worldwide battle against cancer and a ray of hope for those impacted by this severe illness.

Support the cause at www.oncidiumfoundation.org ; www.oncidiumfoundation.org/contact/

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