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The Oncidium Foundation
Rue Emile Francqui 6, boite 5
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Oncidium foundation

The Oncidium foundation, a non-profit and public benefit organisation, focuses on raising awareness about radiotheranostics for cancer therapy and providing support to accelerate global access. The Oncidium foundation helps patients locate the nearest nuclear medicine practitioners.

The Foundation’s main target is to promote the development of therapy in nuclear medicine. If sufficient funding becomes available it could support and finance the development of radiopharmaceuticals for therapy with a main focus on drugs that are not presently supported by industry. The activities should concentrate on one main target: help to bring drugs on the market that belong to the categories of drugs with expired patents or generics, orphan drugs or drugs for small markets, treatment of diseases with a high prevalence in emerging countries. On the contrary to almost all foundations in healthcare that promote the research of new therapies, this one will concentrate on well developed treatment that are lacking the money to complete the last steps before reaching the market. Most of the therapeutics that will be selected must be close to the stage of phase III clinical development. The main aim will be to provide the fastest possible access to these new technologies.

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