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Rad4Med.be was created in 2013 with the support of:
BioWin, the Health Cluster of Wallonia
The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK CEN
The National Institute for Radioelements, IRE
Ion Beam Applications, Iba



Herrmann Debrouxlaan 40

B-1160 Brussels

+32 475 66 84 98

Rad4Med.be is a non-profit network. It aims at promoting medical applications of nuclear science and technology by creating awareness about the use of radioactivity in healthcare and improving its visibility. It provides interested parties a network of competences available in Belgium and, when requested, helps find the correct sources of information or partners.

To achieve its aim, SCK CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, BioWin, the Health cluster of Wallonia, IRE, the Institute for Radioelements, and IBA, Ion Beam Applications, have created Rad4Med.be.

Today, the network consists of 80 companies, hospitals and clinical departments, research and education centres, associations…

It is supported by SCK CEN, IRE, IBA, and the Belgian Federal Government.

Rad4med.be represented the Belgian assets and know-how in the field during Royal State Visits, Belgian Princely Economic Missions, at congresses or symposia world-wide, and provided support to the Government, the International Atomic Energy Agency and other national or international counterparts.

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The network is regularly updated and extended.