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Key figures

Officially launched in 2012.
About 90 PhD students.
About 100 BSc and MSc thesis and internships supervised per year.
About 1000 persons trained on an annual basis.

Boeretang 200
2400 Mol, Belgium
Contact person: Michèle Coeck (
+32 14 33 88 51
SCK CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology

Education and training fields

Expanding and maintaining nuclear knowledge on peaceful applications of ionizing radiation: this is one of the main ambitions of SCK CEN. Through the SCK CEN Academy, one ensures the transfer of knowledge, skills and attitudes towards students and professionals in the nuclear field. As such, the SCK CEN Academy contributes to nuclear capacity building and competence development, needed to guarantee safe use of ionising radiation. Moreover, excellent knowledge-sharing also supports development of new, innovative applications for the benefit of society as a whole.

In the interest of maintaining a competent workforce in industry, healthcare, research and policy organisations, and of transferring nuclear knowledge to the next generations, the SCK CEN Academy takes it as its mission to:

  • Organise academic courses for students and customized training for professionals;
  • Provide guidance to students and junior researchers;
  • Reach out towards pupils, teachers and the public;
  • Offer policy support with regards to education and training matters;
  • Care for critical intellectual capacities for society.

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations

The SCK CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology coordinates all education and training activities of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. It relies on 70 years of expertise and experience in the fields of nuclear science and technology, innovative research and the availability of large and unique nuclear facilities. The SCK CEN Academy is an important partner for nuclear education and training in Belgium as well as at international level.

A multidisciplinary team of engineers, physicists, biologists, physicians, philosophers, technicians, etc. wtransfer their specific expertise and experience towards the learners.
Training courses are tailored to the needs of the customer in terms of content, level, duration, language, venue, etc.
Lessons can be given at the technical domain of SCK CEN in Mol (with the advantage of visiting the technical facilities) or at the premises of the customer.