The Binding Energy (TBE)

Key figures

Visit us @ Koloniënstraat 11, Rue des Colonies, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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The Binding Energy (TBE)

The Binding Energy (TBE) is an independent nuclear engineering office, unique in the Belgian nuclear sector and active in different European countries. TBE is a scale-up, aiming to innovate based on the existing nuclear knowledge available in Belgium.

Activities and description

The Binding Energy offers project engineering as well as consultancy for nuclear systems design, licensing and safety studies, third party reviews, customised trainings and new nuclear technology business development.

Application fields

Our activities are comprised in 5 business lines:
Shielding, Activation and Criticality Calculations
Safety and Security Studies
Risk Analysis
Radioactive Waste Management

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations

Today, all Belgian nuclear major players are client of The Binding Energy: Electrabel (ENGIE), SCK-CEN, IBA, Belgoprocess, NIRAS, IRE, … We work also in a European context, e.g. in The Netherlands for PALLAS, ANVS, Demcon, … as well as internationally, e.g. via the IAEA.

We aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients, and are now officialising our collaborations via partnerships with major clients, e.g. for the development of our unique gamma-neutron based activation and residual dose code, made for design optimisation, operational excellence and waste minimisation of accelerator (based) systems.