Key figures

Founded in 1969
15 researchers
Over 300 publications
10 patents
Strong interdisciplinary team

Prof. Stephane Lucas
University of Namur
Rue de Bruxelles, 61
5000 Namur

UNamur – LARN

The University of Namur owns a very long tradition in the field of radiation.
Created in the late sixties, the LARN laboratory is equipped with a particle accelerator and all the related technologies to perform irradiation and detect any type of radiation. In addition, the members of the physics and biology departement perform teaching duties in relation to nuclear physics, radiobiology, accelerator technology or radioisotope production.

Research and clinical axes & activities

Ongoing projects/partnerships/collaborations

  • Development of a Y-90 generator
  • Study of the hypersensitive response of tumour cells after low-dose irradiation with heavy charged particles
  • Integrated system for Ga-68 labelling
  • Study of the effects of X-rays, protons and alpha particles on the interactions between tumoral and endothelial cells
  • Development of radiation-responsive bioassays for biodosimetry applications